Abu Hail Shopping Center

Think of Dubai and the next thought that occurs is shopping. With its numerous shopping complexes each one of which is impressive in its own way, Dubai is naturally seen as one of the best shopping hot spots in the world.

Almost every shopping center is a multiplex accommodating an array of stores selling wide range of products, multiple hotels, restaurants and cafes, health and fitness shops, fun centers, office spaces, conference facilities, cinema theatres and even housing units.

Abu Hail Shopping Center is one such popular shopping center in Dubai. Being on the Dubai-Sharjah Road, this multiplex is thronged by large numbers of both the leisure tourists and serious business people. Compared to many of the huge, world renowned malls like Bur Juman and Deira City Center, Abu Hail Center is a much smaller mall. But it is quite perplexing that despite its size and spread, this shopping center has acquired its own popularity.

Abu Hail shopping multiplex is known for an abundance of retail outlets that sell a wide variety of goods. You will get almost anything that you want. Whether it is clothing and trends, furnishings, gifts, sports goods, audio-video systems, jewelry, watches, lingerie, carpets, footwear, and anything else that you want to buy, this complex is the place. Most of the shops here sell traditional Arabic clothes. There are some very special perfume shops that sell top of the line items. There is also an outlet of the Baby Shop for buying children’s needs.

Unlike many other malls where car parking poses a stringent problem, Abu Hail center offers convenient parking facility.

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